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Financial Planning, Key Man Insurance, Benefits Planning and Retirement Services for Business Owners

Key Man, Owner and Family Business Solutions

A successful business has a key person or a few people that drive the success of the business.  Reward and protect them while protecting your investment in them. We will show you how.

Successful family businesses are dependent upon the family members understanding the unique role of each member.  However, when a death or disability occur, family dynamics change rapidly.  What will the business and family do? We will show you solutions.

We focus on people not corporate strategy.  We provide solutions and unbiased advice.
Call us or use our online contact form, I look forward talking with you over coffee or lunch.

Retirement Plan Design

A consultative approach based upon the needs of the client company is prudent. No one size fits all or cookie cutter plan approach.

Our first priority is to understand you & your company through a process.

  • Gather information necessary to fully assess your Company’s goals and objectives. 
  • An ideal retirement program is thoughtfully designed, delivered, serviced and monitored.
  • We present a framework for a retirement program by illustrating a variety of options, giving our clients the ability to fine tune aspects such as plan design, provider platform, and investment options.
  • We encourage flexibility in the design of a retirement program, because we recognize the best solution at any given point in time will often require modifications as the program matures and company dynamics evolve.

Patience & Opportunistic

Our job is to find the well-managed, financially strong, dividend paying companies in non-discretionary industries such as; utilities, pharmaceuticals, Oil, Gas and Food.  In times of economic uncertainty holding investments in these industries and companies is prudent.  We also understand and recognize the dependency upon certain technology that is supporting the modern industrial world.

Investment Style

A dividend-focused investing approach is prudent and effective.  Dividends have comprised almost half of the overall return garnered from stocks throughout long periods of market history.

We have the Foresight

Part of our current thinking is based upon longer-cycle themes that develop slowly over time. As countries continue to industrialize this will drive demand for non-discretionary products.  As countries continue to industrialize their populations will grow as will the consumption of food staples.  Living standards globally will converge resulting in greater demand for non-discretionary products and staples.