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Financial Planning and Retirement Services for Teachers & School Administrators

Why do I help teachers?

The public school 403(b) retirement plans have been plagued by aggressive sales tactics, high fee products, lack of plan awareness by the employer, nefarious union involvement, and lack of information and in some cases limited plan choices.

In 1998 my fiancé and her colleagues approached me to review the 403B retirement plans available through payroll deductions being promoted by sales reps. The plans were high fee annuity plans through insurance companies. In addition, the mutual funds recommended were very aggressive and volatile. It was at this point that I committed myself to educating and helping teachers with their 403B retirement plans. I soon learned that school systems and teachers across the country have faced these issues for more than 30 years

I have spent almost two decades bringing to light some of the issues surrounding 403(b) retirement plans and helping hundreds of teachers and school employees make positive changes to ensure their financial security.

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